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Dads Boxer Shorts

Shortly after I entered puberty, I discovered that my Dad frequently jacked off into his boxer shorts. I discovered that because I was the last kid at home and I had to add doing the laundry to my list of duties to do around the house. One day I went and got the hamper and brought it down stairs. I dumped it out on the basement floor to sort colors from whites, etc. I pulled a few pair of my Dads boxers out of the pile. I got an erection just touching them. Then as I looked closed and inspected them, I discovered that some had **** inside them, I could tell by the bunching of the material and the stiffness of the fabric. It was more then my man-boy ***** could stand. I could feel the growing wet spot in my own pair of boxer shorts. I knew I was alone and quickly striped off my clothes and put on my Dads boxer shorts. I rubbed the stiff **** stain around my erection, testicles and new pubes. I stroked my **** and picked up the second pair that had a stiff front and sniffed and licked it I got so hot I was almost breathless. Knowing I was touching and licking the stuff that made me got me so hard that I thought my penis would explode. I had swollen so thick. When I went to spew, I took the boxers off so that I could crème in the same spot that my Dad had, thus not making a different stained area. I got so hot I had sweat running down my *** crack. I **** a large load of ***, so large I thought my nuts would shoot out my **** slit. I noticed that he had 2 pair of boxers that had the same print. The one with the **** stains did not make it in the laundry. I put them on even though they were way to large for me. I had to flod the legs over so that they would not bunch up under my pants. My man-boy penis could feel the stained fabric rub against the glans and kept me excited the entire time I wore them. I remember going to bed early that evening. Once I got the bedroom door closed. I striped to the boxers. I had to hold them up with one hand. I laid down on the bed and could feel the fabric caress my legs *** and balls as I stroked. My balls bounced inside the printed fabric, against the stain made by my dads **** and agiants where his balls had been. This time instead of taking the boxers off when I went to shoot, I let he *** spew on the front of the fabric. I just laid there drenched in heat and sweat and ***. I sucked my **** out of the fabric. I took the boxers off and went into my bath and dried off. I put my own boxers on that now felt to small. I laid my Dads boxer shorts wet with my **** on the floor next to the bed on he opposite side from the door to my room. During the night I woke up twice. Both times I reach down and stroked off on the front of the boxers while my balls bounced inside my boxers. The loads seemed to get larger every time. I’ll never forget the turn on I experienced using Dads boxer shorts to jack off with.
Boxerguy34T Boxerguy34T 56-60, M 8 Responses Oct 27, 2012

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What in the actual ****. Your dad? Sick and ****** up ****.

this is so hot

Ever up for trading?

Write me direct with details:

I am a college athlete and I like the though of another man sniffing and enjoying the masculine scent of my dirty/worn underwear! I have some underwear and other sports wear that I have regularly worn to gym/practice!23, 5'11", jock build

you need to send me details...

Email me at, the first email i sent was spelled incorrectly

are you selling or giving those away?

I am selling my nicely worn underwear and briefs. Email me if interested.

I would like to buy some worn underwear from you. Is that possible? Love to sniff worn men's underwear

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Nice story. Feeling like I am living in the story, too.

and I'd love to.

This is a great story. It got my bone rock hard and leaking. Thank you for sharing.

It was a hot August night and my Dad and I were up at the camp. We had well water and outhouse. We did have electricity, for the refrigerator and some lights within the camp, but for the most part, it was rustic. My mom, sister and older brother had gone to visit my mom’s aunts in Troy. It was just me and dad.
My dad told me that the reason we came up to camp was to fix up a few things as he didn’t think he would be able to get back up to camp to close it up for winter. We worked hard scarping paint, priming and painting the entire outside including the porch that wrapped around the entire house. After working hard all day, we’d go down to the lake and swim and come back and shower outside the house. There was nothing like showering naked with my dad outdoors. I’d watch him slide his foreskin back and clean his manhood. I noticed him looking at my boy bush and seeing my erect boyhood. We’d towel off with nothing said and cook something on the out side pit and call it a day. I’d sleep on the backside of the house on the porch. I could lay there in private either naked or in my boxer shorts. I usually started out in my boxers, but I would fantasize about seeing my dad in and out of his boxer shorts. His thick pubes, his man hair and his hanging hairy sack filled with nice sized balls. After a few minutes of those thoughts, I would pump out a large load of **** all over the front of the boxers, I’d take them off and fall asleep. In the morning, I’d hear dad in the kitchen making coffee, I’d come in naked with my boxer shorts in my hand and walk up stairs to the room I shared with my brother and get a clean pair of boxers and clean clothes on for another day of work. One morning I saw my dad’s boxers on the floor next to the bed. I heard the front porch door open and looked out my dad was out front talking to a neighbor. I went over to the boxers and discovered his wet spew stain. I dropped my pants and boxers and rubbed his spew on my ****, balls and pubes. My **** was so hard it was as if it was made of steel. I rubbed my ***** and as I went to shoot my load, I pointed my penis toward the boxers and deposited my spew on top of his. I wiped up and laid the boxers back on the floor beside the bed. What a great way to wake up.

What great stories,I can imagine you and your dad together real hot fantasy.

That made me ***

Great story, tell me more in a private message?

I loved this story and it got me hard as a rock and ready to jack off, I would love to have another mans *** stained boxers to wear and play with.

Let's work something out...

Sounds good to me.

include me in that love this story my jocks are so wet now

I am a college athlete and I like the though of another man sniffing and enjoying the masculine scent of my dirty/worn underwear! I have some underwear and other sports wear that I have regularly worn to gym/practice I am looking to sell !23, white, 5'11", jock build.
email me up at if interested!

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Your description of your dad boxers and your comming in them has made me hard as a rock.It's got me imagining your dad in just his boxers and wanting to join him. hOT STUFF

I'm writing another true story involving my Dads boxer shorts. Hope to finish it this week. My dad was a very good looking man and made me hot any time I saw him in his boxer shorts.