Sniffing Guys Used Briefs

ive always been driven crazy by the strong musky scent of a guys underpants. I used to swap underwear by post with a few blokes. I once met up with a guy into the same thing. He'd left briefs in various states of wear with a whole load of stains on them around the house and we had an amazing night of sex while i pressed them against my face and breathed in.
I love signs of wear on underpants, especially light skidmarks. Now im a physiotherapist i get to see blokes ******** down to their underpants a lot and a fair few of them have light brown skids up the back. It's a man thing and incredibly horny.
Ive settled down with a man now and quite often when im ******* him or hes ******* me ill grab his briefs and press them against my face. the smell drives me wild and we have the best sex ever.
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Dec 5, 2012