On The Tube

About a week ago now I was on the Victoria Line and heading from Victoria to Kings cross. It was peak but I got a seat and a young guy - 20's - stood in front of me. He was office worker type, clean and smart in grey trousers and shirt and tie. It was about a minute before I caught the smell and never wanted to let it go again. Not certain whether the smell of poo or the pee was the graeter but they his trousers/underpants really smelled of dirty man who never wipes and dribbles.

His brieflines were clear to see and his bum was a delight to look at as well as sniff. He was still on the train when I got off and he took my seat as I got up. To sniff that when he got off would have been a treat.

I often wonder when I am in crowds how many guys have really smelly underpants on. The aforementioned was clean and smart and hardly looked like you would expect to see ingrained poop in his pants. I am certain he had not messed his pants or recently wet them but simply was not very bothered about wiping or shaking. I was sorry that he could not get a sniff of mine. It might have turned him onn as well as he did me.

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1 Response Mar 29, 2013

This is hot, you should have snapped a few pics with your phone!