Short Hair Asian Girl

Many years later after that unforgettable night with my boss wife which she caught me sniffing her panties n ended up something more than what I expected. The 'fetish' has remained with me and I'll always try a surupticious sniff when an opportunity presents its self.

My desires to get my hands on another pair of worn panties finally came when one of my friend who is in the direct selling field organized a group meeting in one of his down line house. My friend and I arrived early, so while we were waiting for the rest of the guests. we were having a friendly conversation with the owners .I found out that the couples in their late forties had a daughter.
Minutes later all the guests arrived at the same time . And to my surprise , the mother called her daughter who is in her room to join the product demonstration.
To be honest, I can't keep my eyes off her. She is so pretty. Big eyes n cute lips.a 19 year old with short hair n pair of fair smooth legs. She was wearing a pair of tiny denim shorts n baby t. She sat across me in the living room n I take all the chance i could to glance at her crotch just to catch a glimpse of her panties every time she crosses her legs.

Minutes later, I excuse myself to the washroom. I never expected anything at first, cos all I really need is just a I was urinating, I notice a bunch of clothes hanging in front of me. There were both man's n woman's clothes. Just out of curiosity, I check it through n found some girl's clothes as well. i went further hoping to found some treasure n ka Ching ! There they were! A pair of pink cotton The deisgn itself can already tell if its was the mother's or daughter's.

I return to the living room but my mind can't stop thinking about the panties. i started to formulate a plan . i asked if i could leave the meeting cos my stomach was upset . My friend was definite against this cos he was trying to sell a product. the family suggested i use the washroom which i rejected cos i swear to them that i would definately leave a mess.they insisted n ask me to take all the time I need.

Now the fun part i locked myself in the washroom , the adrenaline rush was so intense. i took off my pants n begin to search through the pile of hanging clothes to claim my gold.As I pulled the it out ,my **** got immediately hard, I had a pair of panties!!! And yes they were well worn. this time i had a better view on this cotton panties with little floral designs. Its a bit dampen with Yellow stains n little moisture on the crotch, i inhale forcefully to the smell of her vagina on the crotch, the smell of ******* further down n sweet smell of sweat from all over the rest.

Oh my GOD!!I quickly pulled them to my face and started ******* off. The smell was amazing. I wore it on my head with the crotch part directly on my face. They were so ******* fresh n were still moist.i almost lick all of it frm the crotch. I reveled in the smell as I shot an amazing load all over the floor. I came what gallon it seemed. I was so excited about the entire scene.

I wanted to jerk off for another round but my time was limited. I really wanted to take them home for few more days of playing but I think they'll know who's the culprit if they found out about a pair of missing,i overheard that some other guest wanted to use the washroom so cleaned i was headed to the living room, i met the daughter at the hallway .She smile n asks if I was alright. I smirk n replied " it's the chillis ". But In my mind I thought, your ***** taste like peanut butter.yum !
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Aug 29, 2013