In Love With Used Panties

im a guy who love sniffing and licking woman's worn/used pantys as they sertisfy me well...... it all started at my younger age when i used to sniff my sister pantys and so now i love the smell of the essent on worn pantys , i don't know why but it realy excide me. i even bought some for my self to sniff even dough they don't have what im looking for in them ...... at times i feel like asking to exchange with other girls but i dont knw if that would be possible. and worse i can even hear the smell of the essent of ather girls when im setting next to them.
slowtearz slowtearz
26-30, M
2 Responses Sep 28, 2013

would you be interested in buying my wife's used panties....?
she s 46 yrs old.....petite very pretty ,.110lbs.....great body....
hairy *****

i wouldin't mind buying used ones...........