The Sound Of Snoring

I tend to like it.
I've been told that I snore. At first I was in denial, now I figure it doesn't matter. I can generally tell the nights I have been snoring, especially possibly loudly. I wake up with my entire mouth being bone dry.

Anyway, as for snoring.
I love the sound of snoring. If when I am in a room and hear someone near me sleeping and snoring, it relaxes me. In some cases it makes me sleepy as well.

The only type I don't much care for are those who have a good case of Sleep Apnea. That type of snoring tends to scare me awake. I'll drift off as I listen then snap awake as they stop breathing.

I've heard that snoring in general is sleep apnea, but I'm still having trouble believing that. It may be a slight degree of it, but I doubt it's as serious as a real good case of sleep apnea.
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Dec 3, 2012