To a child, a forest always holds fantastic prospects for adventure. In the spring you can always take a walk and see all the new little trees and animals. In the summer you can climb a tree and make a fort and play hide and seek. In the fall you can go romping about and jump in the piles of leaves. In the winter, you can take long walks and imagine yourself in Narnia, having an epic adventure.
  I was a somber child. Winter was a time for introspection, a time for thinking. Yes, I could often imagine myself in Narnia, half expecting Mr. Tumnus to leap out from behind a tree. But there is something about the silent, bare trees covered in grays and whites that moves me. They prompt me to think, to imagine, to look inside myself.
  Even on the days when I had been outside all day and was longing for a cup of hot chocolate, if I saw a forest, I had to take a short walk in it. The somber trees standing over me with their branches reaching for the sky....

Yes. I love snow covered forests.
MasterOfStudies MasterOfStudies
18-21, F
Dec 18, 2011