Snow In Our Hills

Having grown up on Maui, snow was not a part of our winters. The year I moved to California, Haleakala had her first snow in over thirty years. I missed it! My first experience with snow was when someone took his truck up to the mountains and brought a load down to Cannery Row. I was thrilled to be able to see it, touch it feel it. Then, it was time to make a drive up north into the hills, into the forests, and I was in awe. Luckily, I wasn't driving. I just stared out the window at the trees blanketed with snow. It was a whole different world for me, something I had never seen before, and something I will never forget. Every year for Christmas, we drive up to the ski lodge, so my husband can go snow boarding. I go along for the ride just to see the snow in our hills.
silentwriter180 silentwriter180
46-50, F
Apr 15, 2012