Snow Snow Snow

As it's been snowing alot recently where I live, the forest nearby to me has been covered in lovely white snow. I did have a chance to walk through it before all the snow melted, but didn't get a chance to have a snowball fight, which is a shame. I would've won spectacularly anyway :)

Luangi Luangi 18-21, F 3 Responses May 18, 2008

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The freaky Uk weather has seen us have snow in April. Heatwaves in spring and storms on my Dad's birthday.

This week we've have better weather than Majorca!

Snow is wonderful in that each individual flake is so very delicate but when the snowflakes band together, entire cities can be shut down. A silent yet powerful force.

You must be a great snowballer. I may never challenge you to a snowball duel.

It doesn't know much here. When I does though.

It is common for me to take to the forests and go for long walks. The silence that comes with a snowfall is one of the things that I love about the snow.