A Blanket Of Snow

The first thing I did this morning was look out my bedroom window to see how much snow fell over night. My eyes were filled with the sights of bright white snow covering everything. Mornings like this are one of the best treats and treasures to me. Its the little things in life that truly count. Its moments like this motivate and get us going on our day... even if it has slightly effected the day. Snow like this can be seen in a negative way by those who just don't like dealing with it, or it can be seen in a positive way... that at least it can be seen!!! Oh to know I live in a place where the trees get covered in snow. Oh to know I live in place where I can see mountain tops covered in snow. Oh to know I live in a place where I can see snow!!! For me snow is such a beautiful sight. Even if it makes life difficult and I can't go anywhere... its still a beautiful thing to behold. Snow never loses its magic. Now I must get dressed and go take pictures as I always do. There is always something new to see and experience in every snow fall.

Take every moment to appreciate all the little things that are over looked as we never know when it will be our last time seeing such amazing things.
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Feb 20, 2013