It's Rare

I think that is why I love snow so much. Living in Alabama, and Georgia my whole life, we don't get to see snow much. When we do, it is generally in small amounts. I do love every second that it is on the ground though !
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Love the snow too. Grew up north of the arctic circle and had a fairly long winter and no sun in the middle of winter.<br />
Still, I have always loved that time of year. Not more than summer or spring, but winter has its own charm. The white, quiet beauty of the snow is very special.<br />
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Agreed - rain is nice since you do not have to shovel it, but snow is still cool and greatly underestimated :-)<br />
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All the best and smiles :-)

I just had to come here and cool off! With heat index making it over 100 degrees, snow sounds good about now! :D