I Miss The Snowy Days

It mmouthaybe a little too early or too late to be thinking about snow
But I love snow, whenever I see the word snow I think refreshing
I just love to see it snow in the winter the most lasting impression of snow was
when I grew up it use to snow all the time! I mean it be so much it be up to my knees and we be out of school because of it
I remember my mischevious brother oldest two would hide when
I was about to go out side to play in it, they wait until I get way out in the middle of the yard and they would
come from no where and chase me and throw snow balls and make me fall down
it be so deep I use to try to run and fall in a drop off.
Then they would put snow down my coat and push snow balls in my
mouth and it would stick to my teeth. They was so mean they called that having fun!
I sure didnt I use to go in the house crying and telling my mom.
It just dont snow like it use to 25 years ago and last winter we did not get any
I was disserpointed I hope it snow this winter.
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
May 17, 2012