I Love The Snow And Rain And The Beach

Snow is on the ground
I love to play in the snow
Happy and carefree

It looks so beautiful
Clean and fresh
Its romantic and fun
I feel like a kid

I love it a little more than the beach
But then i love to watch the waves
I love to watch the sunset

I love to walk along the beach
Wind blowing through my hair
Makes you feel alive

I love the rain
When i have tears in my eyes
They hide the mask that i wear

But in time the hurt heals
And you look at others
And feel that maybe your life
Is not as hard as others

Can be in the snow,rain or on the beach
These are the places to be free
Never caring what people think

Just feeling the moment
The freedom and peace
A song in your heart
Walking in a dream
Wish it would last forever

sarahjane123 sarahjane123
51-55, F
Jan 26, 2013