All My Life.....

 All my life I have loved snow. Watching it fall peacefully in the middle of a dark night or while the sun is shining brightly. Watching it fall from the sky, slowly cascading to the ground, covering it like a fluffy, pristine, white blanket.

Walking in the snow, feeling it touch my face as it falls to the ground. It is truly a magical thing.

I know some people who see it all the time, hate the mess it causes, the delays. etc. but when I see it I am reminded of pure, simple beauty~ 

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roshnie- I hope you get your white christmas one day! It's truly amazing............. :)

I live in a country where it does not snow at all .My dream is to experience a white Christmas .<br />
I agree with most of the readers as to snow being beautiful.

lagenomai- I think you are right :)...there something so romantic and magical about snow... and its fun too ;)

Hey FG cannot go against her girl!! OR can she :) LOL <br />
<br />
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I wouldn't think of it! My mama's right here chuckin' with me!!!<br />
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Well here comes my hail balls down out of the sky. Hey, I got friends. Mother nature tossing 'em your way too.<br />
Run little girl, run run!!! Little bunny snow snow, I don't like your buzzin round!! <br />
<br />
BTW FG I thought you were gonna help me here? LOL

No moist towelette needed AC but watch out I just side swiped you on the right side of the head...and the left side too....BUZZZZZZZZZZing By...<br />
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Oh yea and dont go crying to your Mama...she cant help ya now :)

Me too! My arm is major pumped. Muscles big as russet potatoes..... <br />
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ewww right in the ear snowy...<br />
Now don't go cryin to your daddy, cause you weren't prepared.<br />
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Oh no AC...not all over by beautiful SNOW post... LOL <br />
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BAM! Right upside the head :)

Snowy~ I've still got two large containers in my freezer in the garage. I have ammo, what have you at this moment? LOL.. <br />
<br />
BTW... Incoming>>>>>>>>> ker splat..ka-chaw.. sploosh

Quest, I dont know what to say. I cant imagine never seeing its beauty. You need to visit a snowy place sometime so you can see it :)

Damn you are so lucky Brut =)

I am looking at a small patch right now, SB!

Marcus101- in it and all around me :)<br />
<br />
Brut-yes it is so beautiful....

I don't know about fate, but snow is pretty beautiful.

Near it, or in it? :P

I'm only 3 hrs from Myrtle Beach...come on down :)<br />
<br />
I do believe it faith...what is meant to be, is meant to be. I think I am meant to live near snow ;P

*Smiles*<br />
Good, SB. Faith is key to many things in life. One day, I may get to my beach :-)

I have all the faith in the world I will at some point....:)

I know. Sometimes, when we want something really bad, all we can do is dream about it. That happens to me a lot :-T<br />
<br />
I hope you get to your snow someday.

LOL..I'm in North Carolina but not the part it snows in!! <BR><br />
I can only dream of living somewhere that is cold and snowy:)

hey there, Snow! I was never a snow fan really, until I got older. we got a good shower on friday, boy did we ever!!! It was beautiful; I watched it all day out the big front windows of the store (very few customers) :-)<br />
<br />
You should definitely try to get North. North is almost always better. (you are not in hell, are you...)

Hey there Brut!! <br />
We NEVER get snow here....or I should say rarely. But I still love it. It gives me sense a feeling of peace. I need to live somewhere north of here where it snows ALOT :)

I love the way the crystals reflect at night when there is snow on the ground and there is a big moon...we are supposed to get some tonight and tomorrow. I guess they say we haven't had this much snow in years. Cool.

all1rog- It is breathtaking to see the beauty of the pristine white snow.....I feel like a little kid when it snows. I wanna run outside and play in it!

SantanaRex- snow is a wonderful thing! It brings back lots for memories as well. I dont get hardly any where I live but we did get a little and I felt like a little kids going outside in it...<br />
<br />
Marcus101- Snow makes me happy :) isnt always a bother. It's a beautiful and peaceful watching the flakes flutter to the ground.

I have loved the snow since I was a little kid and every time it snowed alot we would get up turn on the radio or TV and just wait to see if school was closed! Snow days were the best ... I don't get enough snow were I live now but in some ways I appreciate it more I think because it comes and goes so quick. <br />
<br />
I was talking to the kids when they were home about the time we got 2 feet of snow here and we made a ramp to go sledding down using the snow and steps for the back porch. They all remember that day and they all remember the fun we had! So ya I love Snow and have many happy memories - a nice fire in the fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate and a Snowstorm outside makes for a nice night!

Truly beautiful. I have you to thank for turning my opinion around on this one, honey...:)

Brut & Milamber- I love the beauty of it. It is peaceful yet exciting for me. It makes me feel like a kid again :)

We don't get much snow down where I live, but when we do, when it lays it's such a beautiful sight.<br />
It just does something to bring a childish joy out in me. Wanting to play it it, make snow angels or snowmen. The feel of it as it crunches underfoot and the almost shivering kiss like sensation you get as a cold flake melts on your skin.<br />
the last big snowfall we had I stated work early after it had snowed all night. It was pristine, unmarked by foot falls. It was very early and the sky was dark and it felt kinda like the world had been cleaned somehow (don't think I'm explaining it too well but you get my meaning, i hope lol)<br />
Snow can be a very beautiful thing.

A few days ago, we got a wonderful snowstorm. It looks so beautiful; we are expecting more tomorrow...<br />
it has a way of quieting the world.

i've had enough snow to last me a while :P but it's ok to play in with friends :D

KF- come on you ready for a snowball fight :)<br />
<br />
SP- I'm SO glad someone else loves the snow my friend :) XOXO...come join us in the snowball fight :)

the snow has it's moments....particularly when i don't have to be out in it lol