Winter Is Still Here

Winter has reared it's head to let us know it isn't through with us here in Minnesota yet.  She arrived quietly this afternoon, teasing us with a few fluffy white flakes at first.  Then as the day progressed she got a little bit bolder, adding a little wind to a few more flakes and creating a little haze of white.  As we were enjoying her bold side, she unleashed her fury and passion, snow fell at a furious rate, blown around by gusts of wind, covering everything with a white veil of pure beauty.  Now as she winds down, the brown countryside is covered fluffy blanket of snow.  Everything looks beautiful again.  Oh, this snow will not last long as spring is knocking on the door.  But we know we have a few weeks in which Winter can leave us another snowy calling card.   

rhettbuttler69 rhettbuttler69
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3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Well Lily, if we can figure out how to ship some of this to you we'll o it. We have huge piles of it everywhere. Looks pretty, but we are all ready for spring. We have had a pretty snowy winter this year which will help our drought areas. As this melts, hopefully it will be able to sink into the soil and not just run off. I remember living in Clovis NM when it was going through a drought. Not fun. Hope you start getting the rain you need.

Well Lily and Winter, I'll be happy to share some of this with you if we can work out the transportation problems. With the addition of this last 10 inches, we have about 23 covering the ground. Some of the piles are well over 30 feet high, so we may have some around until May. But I love the snow and the cold, so being back home in Minnesota suits me just fine. Have a FUN Wednesday!

Ooooh I love the snow!! I never get to see any here in Dallas, but when I lived in Santa Fe, you could see it in the surrounding mountains all year long! <br />
I miss that so much! *sigh*