Long Winter's Night

My second apartment was above a garage, the front room (my bedroom) looked out on the street below. It wasn't the warmest of apartments - the door at the bottom of the stairs had to be held shut with a frozen pumpkin, the gas heater only heated the front room so the kitchen and bathroom were a solid ten to twenty degrees colder, but it was awesome on those winter nights.

I would work 3-11pm, go home, and sit on my recliner next to the window. I'd turn off the lights and fall asleep to the glow of TV while watching the snow fall on the street below. Sometimes when I would park my car, I would stand at the door and just let the snow fall on me.

Long before this, when I lived at home, those long winter nights were amazing. We had a cast-iron stove in the living room. I would go sledding out back of our house until my snowpants were soaked through and I feared my fingers were going to get frostbite. I'd go inside and shed my snow clothes while my mom made hot chocolate. My dog would be stretched out in front of the fire, so I'd join her. My mom would leave the blinds open, lights off, TV on. I'd lay on the floor with doggie next to me and a fire keeping me warm while it snowed outside.


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Jun 18, 2009