Where Is The Snow Lovers When I Like To Hear About It?

I'm living in Western Washington and this year is a Dud!  I didn't see or hear of much Snow in Olympia and Seattle that much either.

I live in Aberdeen and last year just before 2009. It was actually December 2008 a month before the Year 2009, that Aberdeen had two weeks of having 2 Feet of Snow.  But the Summer of 2009 was the warmist and sunniest Summer.  Seems I can't have the enjoyment of Snow without having a Hot Summer and I hate Hot Summers.

This Winter here its been a rather warm Winter and not even have I seen slush Snow/Rain. (That which falls as Snow and immediately turns to water as it hits the ground. All this Winter the Rain has been Rain way up from the Clouds in the Sky this Winter.  Only on the clear mornings did we dip into the 20's and get Frost.  Making frost from Humidity on things.  That's all I saw as White in the mornings this Winter.

I will be Angry this Summer if it doesn't be Colder and Cloudier than Normal. Should make up the Difference for depriving me of seeing Snow this Winter.

Others around here seem to hate Snow.  If there is Snow Lovers, I don't understand why they couldn't be where I am at.  Since it is so rare, no wonder why anyone couldn't get around in it.  Make it more often, and then if others got used to getting around in it, than that wouldn't be such an excuse for griping about it.  No body remains complacent with the Nature of Earth. Everyone has to be doing things all the time and makes cold weather get in the way of what cold weather is suppose to give us insights to us about.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Mar 5, 2010