They're Not Just For Winter Anymore

I have always adored snowmen collectibles, but until the past ten years or so, I thought of them as primarily for the Winter season. Not anymore! I started collecting them in 2000, and since found some for almost every holiday and seaon. I have a leprachaun, a chick, a buny, several patriotic ones, a witcjh, ascarecrow, a set of pilgrims, an elf, a Santa, a reindeer, a christmas Tree, and many others. I even got my username  from my favorite snowman, which is one my husband got me called aGHrumpy Snowman. I alos have many other snowmen items in my collection, like bathroom decor, purses, socks, sweatshirts, dinnerware, and so much, much more. At any given time, you can walk into my house and find snowmen in atleast one room.

snowlady snowlady
36-40, F
Nov 12, 2009