Naitomea Optic!

Well,you can see that i love japanese music,jrock especially!Nightmare is my favourite band,i love them, their music,their style and look,i love members:3,so i can be proud of me...i know all their songs and all about them!i'm not a crazy fan,i just understand them so good,and i think they are simply the best...itsumademo naitomea!I also like a little bit Alice Nine(the songs -rainbows and blue planet)and the song -the end of world by the band Flow,so i'm lucky!ja neee:3

PhedoRuka PhedoRuka
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5 Responses Feb 20, 2009

i like cell head ,the piass, dir en grey and gakido thouse bands are really something havent listend to nightmare in a very long time but ill see ^^ thats kool how there are many people that like japanese music =)

I Like Gackt and Uchuu Sentai Noiz! I only really know 2 songs from gackt "Returner" and "Jesus". Noiz I love them I got to see them live back in may and I just love all their songs awsome band.

oh,Alice Nine are very nice to,very funny!I know Gazette and Dir en Grey too...but Naitomea are my fav:)

I've not heard much Nightmare to be honest. but I really like Alice Nine. The GazettE and Dir en Grey are my favourites though, I love them

Have you ever heard of Last Alliance their sons are pretty awesome