Soap Actors are Wild

well in april, 2006 i went to an event that's held every year as a benefit and some of my favorite soap opera actors come and help with the charity benefit. well i was feeling especially courageous and outgoing and started flirting with one of the male actors as he was coming around to the different tables and after several eye glances he subtly posed as we had our picture taken and told me that i smelled good!! i told him he did too.  when the event was over i strolled over to where he was talking to some fans and patiently waited for him to finish talking. he knew i was waiting because when  he got up to walk somewhere else he, without looking grabbed my hand and held it behind him. (i'm getting happy just thinking about it). outside the auditorium a bunch of them were giving out autographs and a fellow actor posed for a picture with me as well. I then got really bold and told the first guy that i would like to hang out with him. he took my number much to the shock of the fans waiting around. the next morning he called my house and invited me to the hotel where him and the other actor were staying. i went and we had the most amazing time the three of us. four hours of bliss. now every time i watch that show i'm still in shock.  not too many people know that story so i needed to get it out.  so next month when the benefit comes to town (now that i have a boyfriend) i don't know what i'll do. i would like to do something like that again....
prettyinpink prettyinpink
46-50, F
Mar 3, 2007