Soccer Socks

I have always had a thing about soccer socks they realy turn me on alot pulled up turned over just under knee non off this pulled over knee or puched down round ankle's on a nice slender smooth leg they look fantastic pitty more boys and girls dont wear them i always look when i see some one in there kit sly look i wear knee socks all the time aand apart from weekends when i wear my skater tube knee socks i always wear football socks love to have sex with another guy in his footysocks some time i keep lookng but have had no look so far
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5 Responses Dec 6, 2012

There are more Soccer Socks for sale even including Bicycle suits.

Very sexy, particularly love the ones from adidas with 3 stripes on top.

Those are my fav as well :)
Any colored one with 3 strips on top :)
Espically the white with black strips

Guys in soccer socks is a big turn on

Haha same I love Soccer Socks, it turns me on, especially when I see someone wearing soccer socks, I couldn't keep my eyes off it. I always wanted to wear soccer socks with someone and play footsie in them :/

Oh yes! Soccer socks are sooo sexy!

May we chat :)
I love soccer sock haha xD