soccer is one of my favorite pastimes, for it means more to me then just the game itself. Ive always enjoyed soccer for as long as i can remember, but it became truly special to me in june of 2004. Greece, began their miraculous journey to their euro cup victory, and in the process, touched my life. Not only did the victory bring joy inin of itself, but it created a bond between the greek communites all around the world. It created a bond between me and my father (who has since passed away) and showed that even though we had different intrests, we also had alot in common, this moment showed that joy can come from diverse places, whether it be a legendary soccer triumph, or simply spending time with your family, this is what soccer means to me
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That's really beautiful. I glad that you were able to make up with your father before his end came. <br />
Your story really made me smile.

And, that's why I love this game. <br />
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Like no other sport, futbol has the ability to rally entire groups of people, nations, ethnic groups and fathers/sons in the hope that someone will garner a magical three seconds. <br />
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sidenote: Newcastle got screwed today, but what's new?