Its How I Get Out My Feelings

When I was 5, I had my parents sign me up for soccer. Thats little kid soccer, so it wasn't like we had to do much. Then I continued to play every year. I loved it so much that I played year round. From third to fifth grade, outside of the field I was weak and wimpy. But once I was on the field I was strong and unbreakable. I would bump into a counter at my house and cry, but I could get hit in the arm and have a bruise the size of a soccer ball and I would shake it off. When I scored my first real goal in second grade, it was out of anger. My mother was supposed to come to that game. It was the first of the season. How could she not go? The whole game I was thinking about it. I wasn't paying attention to anything, just dribbling towards the goal. I ran and ran until no one could reach me. I kicked with so much power just because I was mad and the ball hit the net. I was so surprised. My mother never came to another one of my games. She just wouldn't. She told me she was always busy, but that wasn't true. She didn't go because she didn't like my stepmom. It wasn't fair. In middle school I played on both the 6/7th and 8th grade team. When I went to visit my mom (she had moved across the country) she signed me up to play. I still love soccer so much, and once I'm on the field I put all my feelings into the game. Its sort of like my release.
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I am too. Even though she can be a pain sometimes.

Thanks, it wasn't that long. <br />
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My stepmom did fill in what my mom didn't do. She went to every game and every practice and it made everything better.