It's A Curse Of Loving Soccer.

everytime, i kept on thinking of soccer. it is everything to me. I always dream of being a soccer player but i end up as a loser without achieving my goal. I am a great fan of liverpool F.C. fernando torres is my favourite I felll very sad when he left liverpool but is OK.
I love watching steven gerrard-fernando's partnership. But now see, what has happen! torres gone.
And i can remember the first game torres played for Chelsea. It's against his old club liverpool. I hate to see that match for i love torres and liverpool.i tried to miss watching that match 'cause i can't see him playing against liverpool and that also in his first EPL match. And the moment he (torres) shake hand with gerrard, i was very emotional and tears ran out of my eyes. i don't know what to do at that moment but just to sit alone in the sofa and spending watching alone hurting myself for i happened to love them. Its like a curse to me.
After the match i went to bed and i was crying the whole night and in that next day in school i sat alone thinking 'bout the matter.
I don't know why do i have to love soccer so much and what makes me love it so much?
naobi naobi
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 31, 2011

Awesome. Soccer is the best!! :P