My Ode To Roberto Mancini Manchester City Manager

Greetings Roberto How do you do?
Just had to write a poem to you
just reading about your attack formations
a lack of goals and a lack of patience
and understandably the problems you have
don't worry i'm not a city fan

But can't have United winning again
it's not good for neutrals; winning everything
so i offer my services to you
to get your strike force dressed in blue
firing again to win the league
Me, i'm just an expert in the unseen

And i have channeled some information about
your strike force and energy's malevolent
I can't be sure till i meet them all
but i can get them waking tall
some of them have past life problems
others have curses and energy malevolent

I'm an expert in etheric energies
that's all that just cannot be seen
but i assure you that world is real
as this one, just cos you cant feel
charges for services; contribution founded
depends on what you get out my grounding

I'v got lots of other tips too
to get the best out of shirts of blue
all your team will benefit fully
and your football will improve exponentially

see results then contribute too
a charity set up with donations fron you

if it's too of the wall; Your loss
and you will surely count the cost
of not doing everything to win the league
by taking this offer up from me
really, what have you got to loose?
an expensive strike force dressed in blue

peace x
41-45, M
3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

mancini oh oh
Mancini oh oh
we got our trophy back
and then you got the sack!

Mancini are you listening! you better keep our trophy glistening! we're back before may infront you Italian toss! Walking in a Fergie wonderland

20 times *grin