My Type Favorite Of Socks Is Argyle, Yours?

I am a fan I wearing fun and crazy socks. I have a pretty large collection that includes many patterns like dots, stripes, argyle, polka stripe etc. I also have many different colors. I generally choose my socks based on my mood. but if I had to choose I think my favorite pattern is Argyle. Fellow crazy sock wearers what is your favorite pattern/color?
funsockguy funsockguy
26-30, M
3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Long white tube socks, especially striped ones and love tube socks from champion and nike. But also slouch socks even if out of fashion and white crew socks.

Long tube white socks, on both boy's or girl's feet!

Yes I must say short or long, pretty or pink socks are best picked out buy you Mood ! I love socks and that is how i like to wear mine !! Thanks - Kiss