I Did Once...

You know when I was little on my eight brithday I was given a stuffed animal out of the blue. Oh I was surprised beyond belief. I love that stuffed chimpmunk like no other thing I had in my life. He was my best friend to say the least. He would swallow my pains so I did not have too. It seemed life was great but then there was that look from my father from the moment I opened that gifted. Ah yes but he did not say a word right away maybe to my mother but not in front of me. By about the third months my father was trying his best to talk me out of my chimpmunk Chimpy. Chimpy was an anything eater my new shiled in life...but it was not to last. My father did his best to shame me out of having my stuffed animal. It olny took five months so some time in May no more the 5 months after I gained my dear Chimpy my birthday gift my toy my shield my life my love was ripped from me. I still deep down love soft and cuddly things but not for me sniff.
solarregeneration solarregeneration
41-45, T
Jul 23, 2010