I Shave And Moisturize All Over

I really like mine skin that way, completely smooth. Plus, I don't like being hairy, it is very unfeminine to me.

Completely shave everything from my eyebrows down. My arms, legs and pubic area are always soft and smooth. It looks nice, I feel clean and very feminine.

I like moisturizers and lotions because they make my skin softer, more sexy, beautiful and smooth. Also, it makes me smell nice and because sometimes I do want to look nice for a man. Plus it keeps my skin from being dry and cracked, especially the heels of my feet.

A nice reason is that it feels sexy and my last BF (yes, a while back now) liked it a lot.  It did get me a lot of attention from him as he like touching my arms, legs and even down there.

I must admit, I liked his attention and gentle touches too!


Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

i love taking good care of my skin too. i have lots of pretty, scented lotions that cost only a few dollars and make my skin soft and smell lovely. it's all part of the fun of being a woman! :)