Looking into his brown eyes, I melt. I want to slowly unbutton his shirt. My eyes locked on his. My smile on his. His sexy body exposed. My lips kiss his neck. My tongue tastes more. I inhale and get lost in his scent!
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I would totally lose myself in you....

oh yes...your making my imagination go wild...I'm inhaling your scent and getting aroused

Very well written!

Wow!!!! I wish I was with a woman that felt this way.

I love it when you do that

add me too plsss!!!

Wow erotic

my eyes caress your body, breathe deeply and become intoxicated by your smell too

FANTASTIC! Short yet so sensual

Her tongue circled me and my chest heaved. I wanted to do the same to her.

Mmmm :)

Baby, you promised that you'd keep that sensual moment between us...!!

very hot!