Nice Gassy ****

My stomach has been killing me all day...I have been farting like crazy. Nice big bubbly farts...I got up to go to the bathroom and grab my brush to do my hair and as i was bending down to get my brush out the lower drawer i let out a soft mostly silent but smelly fart with a small poof at the end and followed after was a nice soft crackling sound of ****. I usually would sit on the toilet but my stomach was hurting so bad I just let it all flow in to my panties. The smell was amazing and the farts wouldn't stop. It was such a hot ****. I slid my full panties down once I thought i was done...I bent over again to let out another fart and out slid really soft ****. It slid down my right as cheek and down my leg. I pulled my *** cheeks wide open and gave a nice big grunt and push and felt the bubbly **** like fart explode everything out of my *** was amazing...I stuck a finger in my *** to make sure that was all as I kept farting, then decided to clean was a mess to do...this is why i need someone to worship my *** so I dont have to worry about clean up or wasting nice juicy farts. ;)
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you have no idea what I would do to be able to worship you

I wanna freaking smell your farts so much :)

I would love to chat with you sometime, I love the loudest farts and being forced to have my face in your *** and smell every last one up ;) add me and let's talk!

Lovely jubbly

You are the 100% girl for me. your farts and poop would never go to waste on a nigga like me. I would let you rip all over me and my balls and I will still clean up.

Howdy,ma'am having a butt full of poop sounds sexy and you like to fart. How are you about anal sex?

oh...cud any one fart and ****, in such an erotic and exotic way .. :)

Oh my god. Pick me. I will worship you in an instant. Message me?

love to worship your *** and be your oral *** wipe

That's so hot, i would love to smell your farts and clean your *** every day babe, every day

I would enjoy worshipping your sexy gassy *** baby.

Damn~ <3 I'd love to worship that *** some time ^^

I will worship your *** til the day i die

Worshiping your butt sounds perfect <3

your stories are just amazing 😘

id do anything to be ur slave

id clean you up every time and love every minute of it!

Damn ur story was the hottest story ive read

Got me hard that's for sure lol

love to woership your stinky arse x x x

Anything ... Anytime ... Anywhere .... Just spread that a s s and push it out for me ...

I would do anything to worship your ***

I would worship your *** anytime

Wow u are an amazing girl. Id love to worship ur gassy poopy *** for u.... And make u happy till i die. Wooow. Add me and message me babe.

I just love reading all your naughty stories :)

i loved it girl

I want to worship your ***. I would do anything to sniff farts right out of that perfect *** of yours..

crazy hot. something incredible about the buildup, the anticipation..and then jut letting go..

i would love to worship your *** so many ideas i have

i would love to worship your ***, i would take care of everything for you

Wow awesome story great job, hope you do more.

Great. Id worship your butt and your potty slave. Do what you will. I used to have girls I dated talk about buying me from the store as a porta potty. I'll be your toilet and fart can

;) really now...wanna chat?

i love 2 be ur slave and eat all your ****

Just stumbled across this story by accident but it's fantastic! Thank you for sharing :D Personally, worshiping an *** like yours with explosions like this sounds like a bit of heaven to me.

I would happily worship your arse, babe, and my tongue is soooooo versatile!!!!

Love too ;) you in the uk? 24 m uk here

Great story wish u were my girlfriend I am single

i would worship your *** without a second thought it looks so perfect in your profile pic but even better if it was covered in poop

Your *** is so beautiful and probably very stinky. I just want my face buried in it so bad!

I'm sure there are plenty of people who would worship your stinky ***!

very sexy story. my c*ck is raging hard right now. i'd love to clean you up, i wouldn't miss a drop



WOWOWOW.... thanks for sharing :)

Amazing story

That sounds amazing, if you **** like that often do you ever video it?

Ohh that was such a hot story. I want to worship your beautiful *** <3.

Sounds like a lovely mess. I'd clean that *** for you any time :-)