Soft Is Sexy

Hi fellow poopers.
Although I am certainly old enough to know better and to be potty trained,I do love to have a nice soft poopy mess in my panties any chance I have.I love to fill my panties with soft poop often when I am shopping at Walmart when I am riding on their little shopping scooters that they have for us oldies who don't get round too easily.I have a bit of a limp so I often use the scooters and it is so easy to just sit there on it and let your bowels open if it is soft poop that is coming out to fill your panties.Once they are filled you can wriggle round and get it spread pretty well all over your butt.If I am having real diarrhea though I love to be at home and just stand in my kitchen or bathroom where there are tiles on the floor which make for an easier clean up.

Several times when I have not pooped for a few days then taken a good dose of stool softener,I will wear my brown thick pants over my panties and to make sure they don't leak at the bottom,I will put an elastic band round them at the ankles and wear a pair of woolen socks pulled up over the bottom of the pants to cover the elastic bands from view.Then I can safely go out in my car to a park or store and slowly walk until I am not able to hold my bowels closed any longer,then ease my butt slightly to allow my very soft poop to slowly start to fill my panties,knowing that they will overflow eventually and it will slide down my legs,but will be kept inside my pants,gradually spreading as I walk slowly,wiggling my butt as I go to increase the fun as I spread my soft poop all over me without being seen.Once I am covered inside I will leave and drive home,enjoying the feeling of warm slippery poop over my lega and butt,to have a hot shower and change into clean clothes.Even diarrhea is a very welcome event when I know that it is going to be coming out and I am prepared.Diarrhea is certainly not something that I suffer from,I love it.
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very nice. do you wear plastic panties. love to see you as it fills your panties

love your story, thanks for sharing wish I could clean you up

If only we had smelly-vision, eh? Lol. Loved that piece of writing xx

Thank you

A lovely story, and I love to think of you getting off while doing that. As a blind person, I can't do much of that here, because thorough clean up is a worry in case I miss something and freak someone else out who doesn't deserve it. So the occasional furtive squidgy sexy encounter with myself in pantyhose has to do. As someone said, the thought of walking with someone else getting lovely and warm and messy is very exciting.X

Yes,it would be hard to know if you were clean again if you can't see the poop,as it can feel clean but still have a smear left.Good luck to you.You can always have the occasional accident and let someone clean you if you say it was due to an upset tummy.

It is lovely to just let it flow and please yourself what you do to enjoy it fully.Good luck to you.

It doesn't matter what age you are, as pants-pooping adults, we know the pleasure that comes from deliberately breaking with the toilet training that was forced on us as young ones. Yes, you certainly can poop yourself, and no, you don't have to wipe after pooping if you don't want to. It's all fun, sexy and good!

lovely story