A Possible Solution

I'm not sure if this even fits the category.
We are looking for a woman to join us, no easy task, being choosy, so my wife suggested as a possible solution for us to find another like minded couple. That way the two girls get together and play while us guys watch. The guys could join in but only play with their own partner. The idea of watching the girls with each other and then having sex in front of another couple while watching them too sounds pretty hot to me.
She really took me by surprise with this suggestion, she's always been a 'good girl' and never tried anything so risque. Anyone here try something like that?
BooSFla BooSFla
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It has been a fantasy of ours, for her to be with another woman, and it would be so hot to watch. If it's o.k. with you I would imaging that we switched wives while ******* later on.

I was so turned on watching her make out with a girl, watching them get each other off, now that would be amazing. Then watching each of them getting ****** side by side....wow

wife has made out with a woman a did a little boob fondling. The hottest thing is when we went to a topless bar and she got a lap dance. The dancer was all over her, rubbing her bare breasts into her face. She was so turned on that she not only came, she almost slid out of her cushioned chair.

We've been to ***** bars before, haven't had her get a dance yet but that could definitely be hot to watch. I know many dancers will push it further with women then men.

Your right, she was pushed to, and over the edge. When it was over wife was soaking wet.

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