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Having grown up in what could most generously be called a "conservative" environment, I think both my wife and I were very sheltered from reality and what goes on in the real world. Comparing ourselves to our immediate neighbors, we were definitely far from mainstream. We had both been married before and were now going into our second marriage. While not unheard of, that was certainly not the norm in our city at that time. We ended up getting involved with Soft Swinging before we even knew what Soft Swinging was.

As I wrote in a previous story listed under a different experience ('The Dream Comes True') we got involved via hot tubbing with some very good friends. Like many others before us, relaxing many evenings in a hot tub with good friends and drinks led to discussions, what-ifs, and finally the much anticipated shedding of suits. Without rehashing all the steps and facts, this led to touching, rubbing, oral pleasures, and a nice long tradition of everything just short of cross penetration. We graduated from activity in the hot tub to similar activities in the recreation room('The Hot Tub'), the cabin ('The Cabin'), the hotel ('The Birthday Present') and variations of swapped partners, and various **********. (The details are all there; go to my profile and them simply read my stories).

We enjoyed the experiences as well as the comfort, trust, and safety of doing all this with people we had known for years, and whom we trusted to never do anything to hurt any of us. It was only when these "more than friends" moved a thousand miles away that things stopped. All this time, we just thought we were different. I didn't know until years later that there were others who enjoyed the same activities, who got great satisfaction from watching others, and watching others with their own spouse. I was surfing the internet one day and found the term "Soft Swinging" and the definition, and found that in certain circles, what we were doing was perfectly normal, and practiced by many others.

Now we are years older, and have all the side effects that come with age. We aren't as ideal looking as we might have once been. We sag in areas we didn't used to sag in. At least one of us has trouble getting the physical engine started and the other has to help out from time to time. We both still look back fondly at the experiences we had, but in discussing it have come up with a long list of reasons why we can't recreate the past.

1. We are too old, only young people do it.

2. We are too fat, only skinny fit people do it.

3. We don't want people to laugh at us.

4. How can you do it with a stranger?

5. How can you trust them?

6. How do you keep it from going too far?

and the list goes on and on.

So, we find ourselves still liking the idea, still wishing we were still doing it, but scared to reach out beyond the present comfort zone, and get back into soft swinging.

Are there any of you out there who can offer some genuine, honest, answers and/or advice for a couple of people who used to really enjoy it, but are a little scared to take the plunge? Any and all responses, comments, and advice are appreciated.


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we were with a couple who were our very good friends. we were in Tiawan and went to a club that had sexual live shows. we husbands went to the loo and talked about what we were seening and how how sexualy we all were becomming. we left the club and went to a hotel that had hot baths there was a side for men and a side for women it was after 1am and we were the only people there so we left out side and walked nude in to the womens side and there was our wives nude also. we talked a little while and then went to our room that we were sharing. I was laying behind my wife and eased my hand up her legs and started playing with her ***** and I looked at my friend and winked at him and he started playing with his wifes ***** soon every one was really ready to ****. we ****** our own wives first and then we all got on the same bed and soon there was hands every where. my wife is a blond and her ***** hair is light colored his wife had a wonderful ***** full of black hair. we played with each others wives but did not **** them on this night but we did do a full swap shortely after this night of fun. it was great to watch him eat my wifes ***** and he like it when I was licking his wifes ***** we had many other nights of fun and when some one said no it was no. Hey, try it you will like it. starting off on a soft swing led to full swing when every one was ready to do so and it made it easier for the women this was

Thanks for the comment and the advice. I'm glad it worked out well for all of you! May you have many more happy times, if and when you want them! TWOF

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Doesn't matter if the post is old or new. Comments are always welcome.<br />
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Thanks. We may give it a try.<br />
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I realize this post is almost a year old, but I thought I would offer some advice anyway in case you were still looking. Well, I'll admit, that my wife and I are likely younger than you in our late twenties. We recently started soft swapping as a couple and are enjoying it immensely. We found a site that caters to all aspects of the "life style." There are profiles of couples of all ages, weights and sizes. From Soft swingers to full swappers to even the more kinky stuff. It's a great way to connect with people of similiar preferences. We have had some great, safe and really fun experiences with people we have met here. To keep it from going to far, just set your boundries before hand. Good luck to you.

Well I am 59 and want, with my wife to get involved as a soft swinging, something we have never tried. I have to get over the hurdle of talking seriously about it but wished I had the hot tub to use with friends.<br />
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Just go for it and see what happens

Every age has it's own ( sexual) beauty ;) xx

We are in the same age group. I'm single, straight, unmarried, uninvolved and want to become involved with a married couple like you in exactly what you described you'd like to enjoy again and I'm ready. I'd like to know how I'd go about meeting a couple such as yourselves. Any advice would be appreciated.

Good answer! Perfectly logical, and it makes ob<x>jective sense. Now I just gotta put paper over all the mirrors in the house, and set about to make it happen!<br />
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