I Dream of It

I love the solitude that nature can provide me with, if permitted the weather and time. 

I love to be alone, and have often made random train trips and the like to places in the middle of nowhere to be with my own thoughts and have cherished these times, have delighted that there is no-one that I need to explain anything to and hence muddle up the strands even more and become more frustrated.

The sounds of nature create a meditative effect in which I can focus innerly, innerly to what is the root of my thinking needs, my spiritual and inner needs and how to best approach a situation that i am often distracting myself from thinking about  through muffling it in the day to day activities.

I tend to always be surrounded by people, and hence such solitude and me time is very important to me- usually I have to make do with walks and a bath in the evening.

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Aug 18, 2008