I Need To Decompress...

Oddly enough, after spending time with people for a long period of time, there is nothing more gratifying than just getting away. I can spend a little time with people, but not too much. It's sort of like taking off your shoes after getting home from a long day at work and running errands. I am pretty introverted overall and some days I just can't be around people at all and let my insecurities and regrets take me away. These days I am miserable no matter what. Other days, however, I just need to relax, escape from other people, and just escape into my sea of thoughts. I love going to the beach on a warm sunny day, spending the day with my music, my rum, and the water. Solo road trips are also great. I love listen to music or books on tape while driving and enjoying the scenery, allowing my mind to ponder things that are, were, and could be.

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I can relate to your words very much. I also generally love to be on my own, and only spend limited time with people, because when you're on your own, you don't need to talk about anything, just spend some quality time with your own thoughts. There are days that I particularly don't feel like talking, and it's not because I'm in a bad mood or anything, I just don't feel like making the effort to interact with people.

I hope not to paint the picture that I am always miserable, but sadly there are days where I am miserable whether I am with people or not. On these days I am particularly depressive and lonely. I am haunted by myself at times. Not everyday, though. Thank you for the comment.

Dear Fatherholmes,<br />
your above post sounds normal for us "introverts" but i am concerned about the description about being"always miserable". If you truly love your solitude, then you cannot be "always miserable'. Is it possible something else is bothering you?<br />
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YOur descriptions of your "escapes" are beautiful and beckoning. They are exactly what I love.