Living Miles Apart By Joined By Love

It's odd how a collection of little coincidences can lead you to someone you would never have otherwise had a chance to meet. Odd then that you can have an instant connection with them, fall in love with them and find yourself needing them.

 I met the woman I love online, through an online gaming site. There are so many things which combined at that moment to bring us together. Us both being on at the same time despite different schedules and the time difference (I live in England and she lives in America), being in the same game in the same room and both joining in a discussion between other people (something neither of us normally do).

 We exchanged e-mail addresses and over a short period of time we both admitted we'd felt something special about each other. Love blossomed as it does and it has grown and despite our feelings we've never been able to meet. It's been two and a half years now. We get online together as much as we can, it hurts when we can't be together. We e-mail each other constantly and phone each other when we can. We want to meet and take this as far as we can but situations stop us being able to. :(

So we talk, and send our e-mail hugs and kisses and tell each other about our lives waiting for the time when we can finally be together.

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I love you ❤

<3 Milamber usiueism ;)

I was in a similar situation,Im in England and fell for an American guy in Second Life,we shouldnt have been together in the first place, but we couldnt help it, as you say it makes you wonder why it happens almost against your will! <br />
good luck to you, if shes the right one, it will happen for you both, move heaven and earth to be together, our time here is short my friend.

If you two truly, deeply love one another, then buy a ticket and come to America already...or let her buy one to England...or if you can't afford it...go half and half and one of you make the trip. <br />
<br />
Look I'm not one to preach. I'm American and my internet boyfriend is British. We've known each other for 2 years and haven't met...but we've had a ton of rough patches. However, I'm planning on going to the UK in a couple of months.<br />
<br />
However if it's been mostly smooth sailing for you guys, you are very lucky and blessed and you should make your move as fast as you can!

I too fell in love with someone from thousands of miles away and after a year of calls and messages, we did meet and it was wonderful. Spent three magical weeks together and he has made arraignments for us to spend another extended period of time for us to be together again in a few months. We are so excited and are making firm plans to share life together as soon as we can on a permanent basis.<br />
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Because we are apart so much we have learned the importance of constant communication and that year getting to know each other without meeting seemed to cement our feelings. For us this worked in our favor and I hope that all of you can meet your loves and share what we have been fortunate to share. It takes trust and faith in one another to make this work.and a bit of luck also. All the best, D.

Im also in the same situation. Hope i can meet him soon

in the same situuation myself, all was going well visiting etc I had an Knee jerk reaction told them I wanted to finish.... there rock when they needed me through officer training, now all of a sudden thinking they were posted to Scotland, have now been given cyprus leave end of month, oh boy the ache in my heart now of being excluded

Oh, I really understand you.. I've been in similar relationship for something over 1 year... and we have never met yet... hope for lucky end for you and your love :) because I know how tough it is when you can't be with her in person, hug her, kiss her or hold her hand...

To be honest so does mine, but we're doing out best to plan our way into each others arms. There are numerous complications beyond us being on different continents. But I have hope and faith and truly believe one day we'll hold each other and do whatever I can to help that day come as soon as I can.<br />
Good luck to you lostbird.

Good luck! I am in that situation too....but the likelihood of us meeting seems very remote.

Thank you Chinadoll.<br />
Got my fingers crossed for my happy ending, or should I really say happy begining? lol Because it's only when we're finally together properly that the real journey starts. We are both looking forward to starting that stage of life together. Wish us luck lol.

101% milamber, it really is possible to fall in love with some one miles or oceans apart. This is the magic of love, it just flows through any channel. Good luck...I believe true love always have a happy ending. =)


Thank you, to be honest it surprises me just how our feelings have grown over time.

Good luck to you! It's amazing how deep these feelings run isn't it!