Im In Love With Someone Who Is Terminally Ill And He Doesnt Care If He Dies

my husband is dying of MAC tuberculosis and refuses to take his meds.  He has 3 children and his prognosis is grim..

i am very angry!! that i have to face the world alone , hes not listening to me i dont know what to do??
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

being Terminally ill my self, all i can tell you is to be positive and create positive aura in your house hold and around your ill husband will make him more positive and he might react positively to you, but if you bombard him with requests of take your medicine , you have kids you have family and so on, in actual fact what you doing you are stressing him more and making him believe that he is busy dying and this makes him don't care because you are telling him that he is dying anyway. My advice, is to stand back and think of a way to make him feel positive without nagging and without creating any negative aura around him.<br />
i was told i will be dead by January 2009 and then October 2009 and then march 2010 and again and again , i have proven to all those doctors that i will live and will make it, and here i am writing to you and still alive , all this is because i have no negative feelings coming my way from anyone as i refuse to be with anyone who can tell me anything about my illness, you need to be strong and create happiness around you, your fear will become reality if you dont change and create positive all around feelings for your husband to allow him to feel positive as well.