When Love Dont Feel Like Love . . .

Has anyone been in a situation where you just wanna scream to the world of your love
But : the one you love doesnt want it known?
You have to wonder about a situation like that.
But talk about hell!
You only want to feel loved
to be loved
to see others basking in the warmth of your love and the way you share it

And yet there you sit
all alone on holidays or special occasions and wondering the hell why?
even when inside your soul deep down you know

WIll someone please share their own thoughts or stories on this so I know Im not alone?
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4 Responses Aug 24, 2010

I totally understand how you feel. I believe I have fallin for this guy and although he has told me things and made me feel like I have never felt before, I have to wonder how he really feels. Here is my story: I have been on my own for quite a few years, and was happy with that. I have been through a lot over the years and decided I was better off on my own. A month ago (not looking mind you) I met someone. We clicked, he made me feel really comfortable with him. He was here for a month and two weeks ago he had to go back home. Since he has been gone I have been very down. Can't seem to get him off my mind. Don't really want to go anywhere or do anything. I swore I would never let another guy do this to me, but here we go again. I miss him and there is nothing I can or will do about it. I keep trying to put my walls back up and write it all down as Oh Well (which I have been able to do before) and can't figure out why I can't do it with him. This is driving me crazy and I just want to go back to my don't care attitude. I have done it before why can't I do it with him as well?<br />
I really want to talk to someone about this but not sure others would understand. Want to tell him how I feel and ask him how he feels but won't do that! Really confused don't understand why I am having problems walking away from this, like I normally would.

You’re not alone little diary-finder. . .<br />
<br />
You’ve just described the story of my love life! I have seen a girl/woman and without even fully knowing her, felt as though I fell in love with her. Of course she didn’t love me back because she knew as much about me as I knew about her; and that was very little to virtually nothing. I latter came to the realization that I wasn’t really falling in love with a real woman, (who she really was), but a woman that I had conjured up in my mind and made myself believe that is who she was. I had assigned her attributes that I admired and pretended that is what I saw in her. So, essentially; I was falling in love with my own imagination, my own illusions. I once saw a young woman singing in a church quire, and felt as though I fell in love with her; I called her my “fairytale princess”, but she was only as good as my imagination told me she was. . .

It sounds like you are in love with a married man...how can that end well?

When love dont feel like love?<br />
Love sometimes WONT feel like love my dear dear child<br />
For love is unpredictable<br />
Love never gets his way<br />
Love is clean<br />
Love can be sometimes mean<br />
Love is not selfish but it can sometimes seem so<br />
Love never demands his way<br />
Love is selfless<br />
Love is the best<br />
Love sticks around when everyone else leaves town