My High School Love

i am still a sort of young 18 year old boy who fell in love with another boy his freshmen year of high school... i had known i was gay for a while and it took me until my junior year to come out of the closet. the boy i love came out the year before. but i cant seem to tell him how i feel... i'm a senior now and have loved him for 3 years, the reason i'm so scared is because of my being rejected and outcast by my peers when i was younger. and now that i'm confident with my self i cant seem to tell him how i feel. i'm just so afraid of rejection that every time i even so much as think about it i just breakdown. i don't know what to do... i cant just "suck it up and get it over with", i've tried

any advice would be really appreciated...
musicmaster2013 musicmaster2013
18-21, M
Jul 26, 2012