Maybe I Should...

Even though I have a few friends in real life, I can't always tell them what I feel because I'm afraid that they'll judge me.

Then I found someone on an online art site, and we've been friends ever since. We tell each other everything there is to be told, and I was completely fine with that. At the time, he was already with someone. When he broke up with her, I'm ashamed to say that I was happy. We talked online more and more, and we ended up calling each other. He said he might actually like me, but I couldn't tell him how I felt, because of the whole "might" thing. I ended up denying it. I know I should have just told him the truth, but I was afraid.

In the end, he started dating someone else, and our friendship has changed. We don't talk over the phone anymore, and we barely talk via MSN.

The truth is, I still like him a lot. I'm just waiting for me to get the courage to tell him that I do, and maybe the distance between us won't matter.

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1 Response Sep 5, 2008

I am kind of in the same situation..I like this guy I met on EP..I really care about him but for me to be with him it will be long distance..My current relationship is over.