I Love Him

I love someone and am afraid to tell my parents.  I'm a single parent, and I know they are looking out for our best interests.  This man is good to me.  I think they are too judgemental of people.  I'm afraid they will judge him on his looks, his job, everything.  I'm scared they won't see him for who he really is.  He's funny, considerate, thoughtful, not afraid to cry, likes to read (like me), is a Christian (like me), knows what he needs to do to get things accomplished.  Right now, he's in a job that is just a job and not a career.  He's searching himself to see what he really wants to do.  I feel this is the first time he's really thought about it.  I'm just scared of what they will think.
phantomtigger phantomtigger
26-30, F
1 Response Oct 17, 2007

Because you want their approval so much that you wouldn't want the man without it? Or do you want the man so much that their approval doesn't matter? The distinction is important when you think about the strength of your love and committment.