Love This Girl

  I go out with this girl that I love so much, but shes 17 and her parents are homophobes. We hang out as much as we can but her parents are startin to suspect something so they have grounded her off the phone. I am allowed at her house for the time being but i cant go nomore because my car broke down. The only time im going to get to see her anymore is if her cosin sneeks her to me. I dont know what to do. I hav a job but its low pay. Ive been lookin for another 1 but its not workin that well. all i know is that i miss her so much. When she turns 18 im going to get her to move in with me, but her parents said that she isnt going anywhere till she graduates. She has a attitude and they said if she doesnt change then I wont be allowed over there at all. I hav no clue what to do except sit and wait for the year to be up.
Juggalettemelly Juggalettemelly
Jul 22, 2010