Im Falling For Him...but I Know My Parents Will Disapprove

I have been seeing this guy (Sam) for about a month and half..hes funny and makes me laugh and smile. We get along better then I have with anyone. When we first started to talk I got to know who he is now, and that his past is nothing more then just a bad nightmare. He was moved from family to family as a child, and his mother didnt love him like a mother should...he started to sell drugs at a young age to support his life, he was convicted when he got older...I can see past that, and see who he is today. Hes sweet and different...I know he has a bad past and things wherent that great for him and I completely understand that. I come from a pretty high strung dad wants the best for me and sees me dating a "preppy, good looking, sugar covered, suck up" kinda guy. I am pretty picky with who I date and who I bring home...the thing that I can guess would upset my parents the most is his backround and the tattoos...but I know that Sam has changed for the better. I know he has an anger issue and Im okay with that because I do as well. I just want my parents to see Sam for who he is today and not who he "was"...He seriously has changed for the better because of what happened to him as a teen. I really would like for my parents to not disapprove of him and look past what has happened. I do feel that me and Sam are great together..I just have that feeling that once my parents know about his past they will forbid me to see him again..
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People shouldn't have to continue to pay for there past transgressions. You learn by them then move on. People are so quick to judge without actually listening and by the time they do stop for a moment, its too late.<br />
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For some reason its easier to point fingers and point out inperfections in others. No one is perfect. having said that, there are certain things that also need to be taken in to consideration. <br />
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going by face value in some one you don't know is risky, again its not a matter of judging without knowing this person. Perhaps it would be wise to do a back ground check incase there is something far more severe, such as murder and or rape.

I guess you may not know him well enough to say so , you could date him and see if he's going to change. Sometimes parents do overreact and sometimes they are right

I know my parents would really want the best for me. and I do know I need to get to know him a lot better before I become serious with him.

Well , if you are wrong you are going to pay for it. I would say women needs to make their own choices , even the wrong ones. I have seen it so many times , when a women is into someone rational thinking stops and they always hope things will change or they have the power to change a person.

yes I know...I am just taking things very slow and moving at a normal pace with him.