I Love Him But Religion Doesn't Allow Me To Love Him.....

he is hindu in religion and i am muslim, i can't love him. i am madly in love with him. i can't stop thinking about him. he is just so perfect for me. but even he is like he can't marry a muslim girl, and yes even he loves me. he also misses me everyday. i feel like dying because i know i wont get him. i feel so miserable. i can't even focus on my studies. what should i do to get over him. i don't wanna love him anymore because he doesn't want me to love him. :'( plz need help asap. my exams are coming over.....
heartbroken14 heartbroken14
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Allah sees all, knows all. He heard what you have been asking him from your heart, mind and mouth. He will give you what he wants when he wants. Not a second earlier. Trust in Him <3

Love is as old as earth itself. Reigion is less than a thousand years old. Which would you trust more? Religion is also a man's law that is flawed in so many ways. Alllow yourself to see beyond what religion dictates and love each other the way you two should. Not because what man's stupid laws tell you.

Most religion is dictated by man and made by man who thinks that everyone should abbide by there rules. Whether its older than civilization doesn't change anything.