I Love Him And It Hurts

i feel pathetic doing this but... i've known this guy for like 4 years. and i liked him since the day i talked to him. i'm 14, but mature for my age. and i met this guy over an mmo game. a GAME. you guys might think it's stupid but this guy is like my best friend no joke, he's been there for me if i ever needed anything, as i have for him. he never fails to make me laugh and he's SO beautiful. did i mention he's 2 years older? I feel like i'm just a kid to him and i'll never be anything more but a younger sister kind of friend to him. this guy has caused me pain because i love him so much and he's caused me happiness for the same reason. whenever i think about him i catch myself smiling. whenever i hear him talk i fall even more in love. and i know he's not some creep because we video chat, and skype, and all that. I really don't want to love him, because it's over the internet, and because he wouldn't love me back ever, but I do... so much, and it hurts.
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

He sounds like a confidant..and you do sound mature for your age. At the same time now that i am a bit older I realize you truly cant love someone at 14, not romantically. Ive been there at your age. If you stay friends you can end up friends for life...and you wont always think you love them that way.

so you havent actually met face to face?