I Love Her

Ok well I have super strong feeling for this beautiful most amazing girl I have ever meet in my life but she right now says that she has feeling for her ex which did her so dirty and she still has feeling for her ex which she doesnt want ill do anything for her no matter i will be there for her and i just want to kill her ex but that would make it worst i just dont know what to do anymore i just ran and ran and ran and did not stop but i still hear her voice in my head and it just makes me cry like right now what should i do should i keep trying to get her to feel the same or should i just stop and she if she can do it on her own plzzz i need someone to help me understand this

timz354 timz354
1 Response Feb 17, 2009

Tim, try working on you. YOU will make you feel better. You have heard, "Living well is the best revenge". TRUE! Texas is correct, "You have no control over how another person feels". You will not be happy with walking away though, right. O.K., why don't you play a little game with you? First, promise yourself that if this girl does not straighten that pretty head up to the degree that YOU desire, then you quit. For real. The game is this, and you will do an awful lot of writing, so you cannot cheat, TODAY before you see her, talk to her or think of her you will recreate you in your mind, and do it here on E.P. buddy. That way others can remind you if you decide to start slipping back here to your heartache. <br />
1.Write yourself a list of who you would like to be if you were making you, only better. Are there books you want to read, or a special Ballet you've always wanted to see? Kidding! You really wake up? Seriously, Do you want to improve your clothes, hair,<br />
education, career? What about sky diving, martial arts, ***** on armature night, really!The sky isn't even a limit. You can do whatever you wish to; think this is only a fantasy if need be, but see all your desires?<br />
2. Make another list for improvements you need in relationships. Does Aunt Nelly need to quit kissing you goodbye at work? Have you been dishonest? Are you neglecting your buds?<br />
3. Commit to the Casanova inside, and learn about woman. There are books, social clubs, coed bowling, singles swims and dances, and E.P. - in addition, not substitute for real girls. Woman love to teach honest guys.<br />
4. DATE! You must show off your new hair, clothes, sparkling smile, GQ body, along with your new confidence. With confidence, because you are after all just becoming a chick magnet, ask out as many training manuals as you can. Does 100 a week sound o.k.? The dates may be clearly platonic, or require a dehumidifier, all up to you. It might not be hot, just do it! <br />
5. Allow yourself to imagine "this beautiful most amazing girl I have ever meet in my life" that one, is just not of your standard after all. Forget her for 1 hour, and write a list of requirements and all desires in your new dreams. Go as cray as you want; honest. Your qualifying factors may be hair colour, height, weight, age, cartoon, dog, cat, kids, Jewish, our maybe she needs a 4.5, and a great square dancer (wants to be count?), Now publish it too. Do not censer until you are certain you are NOT tailoring for her or another her. <br />
6. Pretend, URGENT NOW: That "she" is not more special than the 1000 or so numbers in your little black book. If by fate you two marry next week, so be it, but you'll have fun collecting numbers until. When you see her or talk, tell her a bit about your busy life and hobbies. Suggest you'd like to see if you can squeeze lunch or dinner in real soon if you can. Now that you have her attention, don't blow it by being needy, or worse...cold. Walk the tightrope and know that no one else has any better chance. You look so much better than her ex now. Why? You don't need her anymore, and may find another prospect. You may not want her.<br />
7. Visualize constantly about the adventure you will live, and the new man that is evolving. You write the script. POST IT!<br />
8. So you look & feel good how do you "get her?" You don't. If you honestly do what i have already mentioned, she will get you. Your call. She will take another very hard look at you, and forget his name. Good luck, here to help if i can,<br />
:)<br />