He's Like The Wind!!

I met the man who I believed was my soul mate on a dating site, we became very good friends and we still are.
but I remember when I first saw his picture I thought that he was not attractive and I had in mind to put him in the friend zone. till I actually met him and he took my breath away. he picture didn't give him any justice. he was beautiful and when i started to get to know him he became gorgeous in my eyes and perfect not one flow from him was not excepted by me they were all adorable flows. his heart is as big as the world and pure as gold. his voice is like music to my ears. I have known this wonderful man for two years now and I hope our friendship will last forever and even turn into more, that he may feel the deep feelings of love I feel for him. but for his feelings are still the same towards me which is I am like a sister and his best friend and nothing more. it hurts to think that his feelings will never change, he loves me but is not in love with me. we dated for two and half months and I thought he reciprocated my feelings for him but the truth was. I didn't see the bomb coming from miles away that was aimed towards my heart. it hurts to know that he is not mine but do I want to lose him completely? and not have in my life? I can't bear the thought of his absence. it feels like someone poured scolding water on my heart and body that it is so intense that It is making me numb. if I could turn back time I would have not given him my heart or soul. a platonic friendship is all what he would have received. but now it is too late my tears are my bed and my fear is my blanket and my sadness is my pillow. and all I can say  as I fall a sleep. "I hope you have wonderful blissful dreams my love and that you wake up in the morning with a brighter day full of joy and laughter" 

p.s. my heart will always be your forever no matter what.    
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I wish you well, I hope one day he will love you back as you love him. :)

Unrequited love hurts so much. I have feelings for my tutor which may never be reciprocated because of his job and the position I am in as student. We are friendly as well with each other and at first I thought he liked me... from his actions in the past guys who have liked me have acted the same but I do now believe he can't date me... I'm really sad over it.

That would be a hard situation to be in, but having him as a friend is better than having nothing. I would think that seeing that person on a date would be hell, ( I have been there, but I just thought it was love)...... For you it's different, you describe him the way you see him with your heart. I do hope he realizes how you feel and returns your feelings.Things can always change for the better. ....I am sorry you are hurting, I know that is hard to cope with.

thank you, I hope things change and get better as well but the truth is he just started to distant him self from me for some reason!! :(

I am sorry to hear that...:(

Your heartbreaking situation is almost scary to me because it happened to me almost exactly as you described and I was already vulnerable when it happened so the fall was that much harder and hurt that much more. I believe that you had to go through that to grow and if you had never allowed it to happen you would wonder from now on. I think that we have to accept what happened without attaching the label of bad or negative to it and somehow let it go so we can move on. That seems to be the general belief from the so called "experts" but please believe me when I say I know how hard it is to detach from such intense feelings. Hopefully through talking to people that do truly understand you can find some peace of mind and smile again like you really mean it......hang in there and don't hesitate to reach out when the load becomes too much.......best wishes to you!!!

yea it is extremely painful :( and thank you for your support hun.

The words you used to describe your feelings for this man show me that you fell hard for him. It's sad that such love is not returned. I wish for you to find a person who will love you as you deserve it. And remember: we learn trough hard times, we gain experience, now it seems that the world is a sad, lonely place, but time passes and it will not hurt as much as it is now. Beware the love you have for him, dim it a little so it will not break your heart further and let him go. Somewhere a person waits just for you, so wipe those tears away, take a cookie, because we all know they make everything better and smile *hug*

thank you for your lovely advice. and how did you know I do love cookies :) nummers!! lol yea its hard but only time will tell and heal. *hugs back* :)

Sorry to hear that. Being friendzoned back isn't as much fun at all. And still, i never thought a woman could describe a guy like that. It gave me chills. I hope he'll feel the same way, or better yet, you'll find a new one who'll stop pour scolding water on your body and will catch your tears and sadness falling to your blanket and pillow, respectively. I wish you luck.

thank you my dear! :) I guess when you are truly in love you can describe the person you love with a thousand words and some times none.