In A Land So Dark

Her blue eyes.... never have I felt so wounded by someone's look. For me there is no light, there waits no light, not in those eyes. I am too old for romance, she is looking for it; she loves her God, I am an atheist (or as close to one as you can get without being one); she is beautiful, I am ugly; she is smart, I am a fool; she knows what she wants, I am adrift on a sea of blackness. Why does she look at me with those eyes? I would rather die than look back...... Why does she ask after me? Why does she tell me things she won't tell anyone else? Dear god, why does my heart hurt like a simpering, swooning teenage boy? Why do the words stick in my throat, my thoughts constantly stray?
Some monsters cannot be slain.....
This can never be or be spoken to anyone real.
Razor lines will erase thoughts of her till tomorrow.....
Give me poison
menschfeind menschfeind
Jul 13, 2010