Saying Yes, Screaming No

I'm still in love with my ex girlfriend. She left me a few days after our one year anniversary to get with someone else, whom she is engaged to now. And now I feel like I can never get her back. I love her so much that I would still say I would die for her to this day. She says she wants me back, but things stop her from taking me back and so forth. It's so complicated. But she's still in love with me while with her current fiance...So..I just don't know what to do anymore.

TheKidiKehT TheKidiKehT
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

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I am sorry for the loss of your relationship. I know you must be hurting deeply but there is something you need to take a second look at here. For someone to tell you that they are still in love with you while being engaged to someone else is a disservice to every one involved here. Inspite of what ever complications there are, she is now engaged to the other guy, so she has made a choice, right? You say you were together for a year. Where were all the "complications" then? For someone to tell you that they are going to marry someone else, but they want you back, but they can't take you back because blah blah, is cruel. This girl needs to be honest enough to tell you that it's over, she's sorry, and will be marrying someone else. Give your heart a vacation from all the grief and quit communicating with this person. Get involved in things that interest you. Even do some volunteer work for those less fortunate. There is nothing like forgetting your own hurts when you are helping someone else get through theirs. It may take some doing, but your are going to be okay.