Mo Mo :(

well about 5 years ago i got a new neighbor and he just happened to be my age well we got really close and i had a crush on him for like ever! well we messed around alot you know doing kinda bad stuff...well three years ago he moved away :( for the first year we talked everyday and i told him how i felt which was obvious i fell in love with him and he said he felt the same way but then all of the sudden he quit calling and deleted me from all his accounts online and didnt speak to me for 2 whole years! i cried everyday for 6 months after he quit talking to me. well its now 2 years after we quit talking and i almost quit thinking about him but about 3 weeks ago he called me! and since then we talk everyday but its just not the same anymore...i still feel the same but he doesnt and he never will and we will never get to be together again ): and it just breaks my heart alittle more everyday! but i just wanted to get this out comment if you'd like anything is appreciated! (: i just like to get my stories out so there not stuck in my head it makes me feel very releived!
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i know right!! giving you mixed emotions and things!

I don't know why guys always do that, when you are completely thru with them and move on. They always come back.